About Us...

Ottuhr is made by collectors for collectors. No matter the watch, we have made it our mission to showcase the best of horology. Vintage classics like Omega Seamasters, rare gems Like a 1910 Cartier, and any other watch we can get our hands on. We believe that watches are not built for one owner. Instead we are just a point in the watches history. While we primarily focus on vintage watches, we hope to branch out into all fields of horology. In short we hope to revolutionzie the world of horology one watch at a time.

- Ottuhr Team


Why Ottuhr?

  • Inspection & Authenticity

    Each watch is meticulously inspected to confirm the authenticity and functionality of all parts.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Each Watch is backed by a 1-year warranty. Learn more here.

  • Extras

    Each watch comes with an Ottuhr travel pouch and box. Additionally most watches are paired with an Ottuhr signature strap.